Infant & Toddler Care

Day Care62Each day at a Milestones Early Learning Centre is a day of discovery and wonder for your precious infant and toddler. That’s because we constantly strive to provide the perfect nurturing environment to illuminate your little one’s developing senses and their delicate minds and bodies. With close consultation with the parents and guardians, we take steps to appropriately adjust our atmosphere and programs to ensure your child has a successful adaptation from their home world to ours. Our insightful care providers will perform an in-depth diagnostic interview with parents/guardians and ask many pertinent questions in effort to really get to know your child – including their daily schedules and care routines. Be assured that we provide the love, passion and expertise to give your child the special attention they need and deserve.

Preschool – “It takes a village”

At Milestones, we view parents as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children. Educators respect parents and guardians as first teachers and consistently involve them in every aspect of the curriculum. This is why we invite parents and members of the broader community to visit and participate in any projects.

Milestones programs are influenced by emergent curriculum and Reggio philosophy. They focus on all elements of a child’s development with direct emphasis on a child’s particular interests. Our projects and assignments provide continuity and longevity which give children the opportunity to explore, observe, hypothesize, question, and discuss their interests to effectively clarify their unique understanding of them.

Our learning fundamentals are based on the concept that the preschool educator is actually a co-learner and collaborator with the child – not just an instructor. We consistently facilitate a child’s education by planning activities and lessons based on the child’s expressed interests determined through designed questions, observations and activity engagement. Our instructors are hardly bystanders to the child’s interest discovery. Further, our preschool educators place great importance on the classroom environment in the belief that children can best create meaning and sense of their world through their surroundings. In this setting, open ended materials (recyclables and natural materials) are emphasized and utilized.

Milestones educators pay very careful attention to the documentation and presentation of how each individual child thinks and behaves. Rather than arriving to swift judgements about a child’s random expressions, our educators inquire and listen closely in order to offer parents valuable information regarding their child’s learning experience. Our educators respond appropriately to children’s interests and feelings. They trust that the children are interested in ideas, activities and things worth discovering. And they expect parents to be informed as productive members of the Milestones cooperative educational team.

The ultimate result of our learning process is to nurture children to develop and achieve a confident, positive and highly independent learning experience.

KinderCare & Afterschool

Day Care33Milestones Kindercare and Afterschool programs are methodically designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment for school age children. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor activity, we ensure that all programs are created around the unique interest of each child that will help develop their physical, social, and emotional abilities. Children are constantly encouraged to be creative, which simulates their curiosity and their desire to keep exploring their interests and environment.
We believe that an informed early child educator is an effective one. That is why our open and consistent communication with parents and schools help us enhance our programs for the children. We strive to capture the child’s interests with a variety of play mediums – sand, water, art, science, and gross motor activities. Block and dramatic play are great methods to challenge the child’s imagination and creativity. Our reading and writing programs allow the children to learn and create from everyday experiences. This enables our staff to further achieve a greater insight into the child’s interests.

Day-Care25-smSafety and respect are the focus of all Milestones play activities and programs. We constantly ensure that the children play safe and show the greatest respect for our environment, the instructors and each other. These are vital principles that will follow them throughout their lives and foster their development to effective, respectful adults.