Day Care14Bon App├ętit!

The research is undeniable – the highest quality nutrition nurtures the highest quality education. And we consider the Milestones Kitchen the cornerstone of our educational commitment to your child. We provide a fresh, from-scratch, culinary philosophy designed to power little minds and bodies. Our additive and preservative-free menu selections are created daily by our Chef, and simply loved by our kids.

Family Style Dining offers more than meals

Day Care13Family-style dining is employed at every Milestones centre for all meals and snacks. Family-style dining is a method of serving food to children by bringing the main and side dishes to the table in serving bowls; so children may serve themselves! Food is separated into bowls for protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits. This separation helps your child learn how to portion these food groups appropriately. Children ultimately develop valuable self-help and social skills. They are empowered to make their own food choices and create pride and ownership of the foods they consume. Day Care54Your child will scoop their own portions and pour their own milk, improving fine motor skills. A teacher is present at every table. They lead by example – sitting and engaging in positive conversation, eating with the children, interacting with their peers, taking turns, passing serving bowls and reinforcing suitable table manners. Children observe members of their group enjoying the food, which makes them much more likely to try it too. In addition to creating a supportive meal environment, family style dining promotes the tradition of enjoying conversation and healthy nutritious food together. At the end of the meal, children scrape their own plates and help with clean-up. These are all instrumental life skills that children take with them for a lifetime!